Review: Based on a T.R.U. Story – 2 Chainz


2 Chainz doesn’t waste time showing off why he’s sone of the most buzzed-about mainstream rappers alive on Wayne-assisted album starter “Yuck”.  It’s unmistakably trap-influenced: but at the same time, it’s different.  While most trap, like Waka Flocka’s interpretation, relies on aggressive delivery and hard hitting beats for its impact, 2 Chainz has infinitely more quotables.  Whether it’s when he’s starting off “Yuck” by growling “cut the top off, call it Amber Rose,” or when he’s shouting “now that’s an afterparty for the afterparty,” there’s something different from Gucci Mane’s low pitched mumbling.

The differences don’t end with 2 Chainz’s animated delivery.  Although (like all trap-influenced music) there are unmistakable touches of Lex Luger hi-hats, “Yuck” seems more urgent than most trap-music thanks to the orchestral riffs permeating the song.  It doesn’t take long to realize that it’s not an element unique to the album leader.  “Dope Peddler,” introduced by…

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