That shit AINT THE SAME thing!

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You know what irks? When people ask little kids “you want an “ice cream” ..go to the freezer & pull out a POP-SICLE!!! That’s not a gotdamn ICE CREAM! I’m thinking there’s a drumstick in there maybe? Na, a gotdamn Popsicle .. A FRUITY POPSICLE! I was even watching yo-gabba gabba & Dj Lance called the Popsicle a “ice cream”! Why the fuck are you guys confusing these children with this “ice cream” mess?! You don’t see the difference or what? Ice cream is CREAMY! You know, Ice “cream” and Popsicles are NOT! The only time you’re getting away with calling a popsicle a “ice cream” is if it’s a “50/50 bar”..
..just like this muthafucking “Miracle Whip” situation .. Calling it Mayonnaise! Now, if miracle whip was mayonnaise, what would be the gotdamn difference?! Why would they even BOTHER to call it “Miracle whip”?!.. Oh, it tastes different? It’s…

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