Rap R Us


So rap music is a huge genre in today’s music. Or wait, is it referred to as hip hop? According to blogcritics.org,

…all hip-hop is rap, but not all rap is hip-hop. Unfortunately for us label-hungry knowledge junkies looking for a quick fix, we’ll never arrive at a firm answer. Designations such as “rap” and “hip-hop” are never set in stone, but are free to flow and evolve, kind of like the songs themselves.

But you know what kind of music I’m talking about.

Yeah, rap music has flowing, rhyming lyrics that slip off the tip of your tongue. And you’re able to shake your head to the beat the entire time (can’t say that about country music). Myself, I like LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” and some of Kevin Rudolph’s work (like, one).

But there are some pretty vulgar things being rapped out there by famed rappers, including but…

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