The world’s greatest drag race 2!

Elie Chahine

8.4 million and counting. That’s how many views our inaugural “World’s Greatest Drag Race” video has earned in the 12 months since it first debuted on our Motor Trend YouTube channel. Not too shabby, eh?

As we did last year, for “World’s Greatest Drag Race 2” (creative title, we know), we lined up this year’s Best Driver’s Car contenders on a retired runway at the El Toro Marine Corps base and let them loose in an all-out run to the quarter-mile checkered flag. It’s the perfect capper to our Best Driver’s Car Week.

All of us here at Motor Trend hope you enjoy watching “World’s Greatest Drag Race 2” as much as we did producing it. Without further ado, turn up the volume and let ‘er rip!

The cars

Though we were down two cars from a year ago, this year’s nine-car field was almost as stellar when it came…

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