This was a beautiful San Francisco Indian Summer day @ a lovely wall. The Sun had finally beaten back the fog allowing for an abundance of smiles, music, good smells in the air and general pedestrian elation.  It was a smashing day to paint and my stoke had been churning hard like an Appalachian narrow gauge train loaded with the lumber of love.

Sketches for me are more suggestive guidelines.  The environment & available colors really dictate the final outcome.  So..These are the two cops who had just attempted to hassle me before I had to employ some new Jedi Mind type bizzle. One step ahead on the steady.

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NYCC schedule

kaNOkid : Art of the Hustle!

Fresthetic will be kicking off the NYCC week festivities by hosting my solo show/retrospective, if you’re in the area come through. Our sponsors hooked up some dope gift bags for peeps, so don’t sleep. The exhibition will be a showcase of all my works, covering paintings, drawings, toys and products. DJ Chela will be on the 1’s and 2’s for the evening.

Here is my official NYCC Schedule, I’ll be signing with the MPH peeps on Friday and bringing along some dead stock vinyl, Boba Def’s? or all blacked out NYCC Hi-def’s? who knows…

Throughout the con, I’ll be rocking some live painting with my Art Whino peeps, I have no idea what I am going to paint, but that’s what makes it fun! Always a pleasure to paint with peeps and exchange techniques and what not. The Secret Walls is a toss up for now, they run a very “Rave” type…

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Our Not-So-Typical Lazy Sunday…


What we thought was just another “Lazy Sunday” like every other week of the summer, ended up being quite an interesting and random day. Not a bad thing – it was definitely a day that will go down in our books as THE day of summer 2012. It’s funny because every week that we have a shoot – we start it the same way: we meet at East Village – which we now refer to as “Chill Village” (Credits to JC for that haha) and we wait for everyone who wants to tag along during the shoot to show up and we head out to our locations. It’s the same every. single. time. As a matter of fact, once we’re done – we come back to Chill Village to hang out for a bit, see what everyone else’s plans are and then we’re off. That’s it. Nothing interesting in-between.


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